Sealing Wax

Hand made by a literal “Mom & Pop” operation in San Francisco, this is widely regarded as the best sealing wax on the market for closing envelopes. I have personally sent letters ahead of me from New York to New Zealand and the seals were still in good shape when I got there. When it comes time to open the letter, most people will rip the envelope before breaking the seal.

The manufacturer estimates 20 impressions per stick using a 1″ seal. I sell 3/4″ seals, and managed to get 40 impressions out of a stick once, but unless you’ve been doing this for a while and are using just enough wax to fill the seal, I would plan on closer to 30.

See this blog post for how to melt your sealing wax.

The price is $5.99 for one stick of wax. Dimensions are 0.495″ x 0.410″(without logo, 0.435″ thick with logo), ~5-15/16″ long. One end has a bit of a point on it.

Red                                Olive Green

Dark Red                       Kelly Green

Burgandy                       Purple Passion

Vermilion                       Lavender

Mandarin Orange          Eggplant

Silver                             Mulberry

Gold                               Dove Grey

Copper                          Dead Black

Royal Blue                     Ivory

Light Blue                      Bone White

Navy Blue                      Espresso Brown

Turquoise                      Bubblegum Pink

Forest Green                Sunflower Yellow

Light Green

Not shown:
Plumeria Pink – stronger red, more floral pink compared to Bubblegum Pink
Butter Yellow
Lime Green

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Not certain which color is just right? Email with your mailing address and  up to 5 color choices to receive a letter with sample impressions to help make your choice.